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The human Brain.[1]

A brain is the most important part of the human and animal anatomy. In most beings, the brain is located in the head. The brain is what allows us to think, and sends data to the rest of our body so that we can do the things we need to do that are necessary for staying alive. Although most people use only a small percentage of their brain, people with super intelligence use much more. Even people with a genius level intellect use quite a bit of their brain as well.

The brain is also essential for sight. Photon particles are units of light energy focused on the retina of the eye, which transmits this information to the brain, registering the image of whatever the eye is looking at.[2]

Although most plant species do not have brains, some do, that is, they at least have the capacity to think, such as Plant Soldiers and Arborans.

Batman once explains to Marvin that even though not everyone has super strength, everyone has a super brain.[3]

While doing research on Shamonite, Wonder Woman and Lila Labonne discover that brain vibrations from humans are what make them immune to the effects of Shamonite.[4]

Clark Kent was once interviewing a tour guide at the Cape Courageous Space Center, and he told Clark that the mission control room is the "brain center" of every space launch.[5]

While dealing with the saboteur known as Doctor Rebos, Batman tells the Super Friends that they are up against a "diabolical brain."[6]

The Balunian's brain waves are similar to radio waves, because the further they travel, the weaker they get.[7]

Roy La Post's jester, whom he called Styro, sang a song called Hey Nonny Oh, and the lyrics refer to King Plasto having a "brain like a fox."[8]

When the Super Friends left the Hall of Justice in the care of the Junior Super Friends, they wondered what they should do if there's an emergency, and Batman reminded them about what they had taught them, that "Brain power is superior to brute strength.[9]

When Batman deduced that someone was using a white dwarf fragment for their own sinister purposes, he described it as a "white dwarf with a human brain."[10]

When the Super Friends were investigating the thefts of cooling units, they had a think-session at the Hall of Justice, and combined all of their super-brain power.[11]

When Green Arrow was shrunk and needed to think of a way to escape some killer ants, he said; "Use your brain archer!"[12]


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