Bottomless Cave

Somewhere in Bottomless Cave.[1]

Bottomless Cave is a vast cave located somewhere in Cave County. The cave leads to a vast subterranean land inhabited by a variety of creatures; Molesville.

Bottomless Cave itself was inhabited by bats and giant mushrooms.[2]


According to history, Bottomless Cave was nothing more than a legend. However, one noteworthy 20th century speleologist named Professor Maximus Mole believed that it was real, and sought after it, claiming he had held fast to the theory that it was located somewhere in Cave County.

He and his wife, Minimus Mole eventually discovered the cave, and they learned that it led to an underground habitat of various plants and animals. They named the place "Molesville," after their own name.

After the Mole family were captured by the Superfriends, Superman sealed Bottomless Cave, so that no on could ever reach Molesville.



Super Friends (TV Series)


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