The Island of Borea.[1]

Borea was a small island nation on Earth that is inhabited by a tribe of humans.

It was once believed that the island was in danger of exploding due to volcanic activity, but this proved to be a trick.[2]


The natives of the island of Borea had a primitive tribal culture. Their religion was based around their sacred black pearl. They also had a deity, or god perhaps, that was called the Great Giant.

They held human life as incredibly sacred, even more sacred then their own pearl. They had demonstrated just how much value they placed on human life when they rescued J. Quiggly Bent, a man from the 27th century that conned them out of their black pearl.

This was a surprise to J. Quiggly Bent, and because of his inspiration in the people of Borea, and the actions of the Freedom Force, he decided to devote the remainder of his career building robots to seek knowledge and wisdom, instead of wealth, which he was originally after.[3]


  • Presumably Borea was named after a type of insect. Another possibility is that it could have been named after the Greek god of the north wind. This god was called Boreas.[4]


The Freedom Force (1978):


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