A Bolovaxian[1]

The Bolovaxian species is a humanoid alien race from the planet Bolovax Vik, Their race is notable for their pachyderm-like skin, pig-like nose and large jaws.

Their homeworld was located in Sector 674, which is protected by Kilowog of the Green Lantern Corps, who is also a Bolovaxian.


The Bolovaxians, or Bolovax Vikians, were a highly disciplined and regimented people ruled by a single central government. Their technology was far more advanced than Humans were during the 20th century. They lived in massive cities; the average citizen had his life planned down to the minute by the government and seemed to prefer it that way. There was no record of any revolts against the governmental authority.

The supervillain known as Sinestro destroyed the Bolovaxian homeworld, which caused this race to become extinct; all but one, the Green Lantern known as Kilowog, who by 1990 was residing on Earth, working for the Justice League International as an all-purpose handyman.[2]



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