Aquaman is scratched by a Robot shark, exposing his blood.[1]

Little Girl Cuts Her Elbow

A little girl cuts her elbow, making it bleed.[2]

Blood was the bodily fluid of humans, animals and most alien species.

It was often visible when the skin was pierced; and most species had red blood, although some alien species had a variety of different colors of blood. As an example, Ungarans had purple blood.[3]

Mammals and birds generally had warm blood, while reptiles, amphibians and fish had cold blood.

Murder was a crime that was often referred to as Bloodshed, which referred to spilling blood. Without blood, a person could not live. In the case of Bruce Wayne's parents, this is what happened to them, after they were shot by a gun, they bled to death.

It was common in the medical field for patients with a low-blood count to receive blood transfusions.[4]

Vampires were creatures who fed on blood just like food. This was one of many reasons why Vampires were hated by so many people.


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