Black Knight
Black Knight (Adv of Superboy, 01x12 - The Black Knight)
Real name: Unknown
Species: Human
Hair: black
Base: King Arthur's Court (in Camelot)
Affiliations: Knights of the Round Table
Rogue of: Superman
Abilities: Expert swordsman
Weaponry: Sword
Voiced/Played: Ted Knight

Black Knight was one of King Arthur's many Knights of the Round Table during the 6th century.



In the 6th century, the Black Knight was engaged in a jousting match when Timmy Jones, a kid from the 20th century suddenly appears right between him and the other jouster. Superboy arriving from the future swoops down and saves him, but in the process his sword is destroyed as it smashes onto Superboy's invincible body. The Black Knight is enraged and he challenges Superboy to a duel, but Superboy easily defeats him.

He later attempts to overthrow King Arthur with the help of Merlin, by seizing Excalibur, but Superboy defeats him once again and King Arthur has him arrested, but Merlin escapes.[1]


The Adventures of Superboy


  1. As seen in The Adventures of Superboy episode The Black Knight.

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