SuperFriends Comic Book Character
Black Condor
Black Condor.jpg
Real name: Richard Grey, Jr.
AKA: Thomas Wright
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-2A
Hair: black
Eyes: blue
Relatives: Richard Grey, Sr. (father)
Base: Washington, D.C.; New York City
Affiliations: Freedom Fighters; All-Star Squadron

Black Condor was superhero who was a member of the All-Star Squadron during World War II.

He also relocated to Earth-X, where he joined the superhero team known as the Freedom Fighters, a super-force acting as a resistance movement against the Nazis; who on that Earth, won the war.



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Powers and Abilities

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  • Black Condor first appeared in Crack Comics # 1 (May 1940).[1]


  1. For more information about that Quality comic book, click here.

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