Bizarro Supermen

The Bizarro species was the race that inhabited the Bizarro World. There were many different types of Bizarros on Bizarro World, but mostly imperfect duplicates of Superman and Lois Lane.

Bizarros were a very strange species. Though similar to the Human population of Earth, Bizarros often thought in reverse, in a highly illogical manner.

Bizarro Supermen

At least some of the Bizarro Supermen were headquartered at the Hall of Injustice.

Bizarro No. 1 was the leader. He was a former member of the Legion of Doom and later the Bizarro Super Powers Team.

Bizarro Lois Lanes

In addition to the Bizarro Supermen, the Bizarro Lois Lanes made up about the other half of the population.


More Bizarros

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