A native of the planet Bismoll.[1]

Bismoll was a planet located somewhere in the Milky Way Galaxy. It was the homeworld of the superhero known as Matter-Eater Lad, who was a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.


Bismoll was settled during the 25th century by human colonists who were members of an official United Planets expedition, which was sent out to seek new worlds in this far-flung sector of the galaxy. Within several years of the colonists' arrival, however, a series of disasters struck the developing colony. The colonists learned that communications between Bismoll and the United Planets had been cut off by interference from a cloud of radioactive interstellar dust. This revelation was followed by the discovery of a deadly alien microbe that attacked most forms of organic matter, poisoning them and rendering their food supplies inedible.

Unable to evacuate the planet and out of touch with any immediate help, the colonists used their own devices. Their scientific members were able to develop specially bioengineered enzymes which allowed the Bismollians to digest the poisoned foodstuffs. This development not only had the immediate effect of saving the new colony from extinction, but it would also have an impact on their descendants as well. The life-saving enzymes caused a change in the genetic structure of the colonoists, bringing about a uniform mutation in succeeding generations. The colonists found that their children now possessed the ability to consume and digest inorganic matter as well as more conventional foods.

Having overcome this obstacle to survival, and with the opening of its sector of the universe by an influx new colonists to neighboring worlds, Bismoll grew and prospered. By the 30th century, Bismoll had become a lush and prosperous world and a thriving center for intergalactic commerce.

Bismoll was governed by a political service which selects its' candidates by a draft system. The Bismollians were strictly regulated by the Calorie Police. The planet was the homeworld of Tenzil Kim, who besides being a senator in the political cabinet, is best known as Mater-Eater Lad of the Legion of Super-Heroes.[2]


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