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Birdman (Ray Randall)
Real name: Raymond "Ray" Randall
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Apprentice: Birdboy
Base: In a volcano
Affiliations: Inter-Nation Security
Abilities: Flight
Weaponry: Solar Shield
Voiced/Played: Keith Andes
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Birdman was a superhero operating in Central City in the not-too-distant future as a Secret Agent of a government agency under the leadership of a man codenamed Falcon 7.


Ray Randall was imbued with powers of the sun by the sun god Ra, and was able to shoot blasts of solar energy from his hands, form a protective solar shield and fly using a pair of natural wings on his back. The only minor flaw with Birdman's powers is that he has to replenish his solar energies once in a while and can't be out of the sun for too long for fear of his powers diminishing. (Makes you wonder why his enemies never worked at night.) He fights crime with his trusted pet eagle Avenger and his sidekick, Birdboy, who he saved from a ship wreckage by passing on some of his powers in order to revive him. He now keeps Birdboy around as his ward while the two attempt to find the boy's father and fight crime as a team similar to the relationship between Batman and Robin, with Birdgirl as a reserve team member. Birdman's main enemy is the criminal organization F.E.A.R. who mostly engage in espionage activities to steal major US defense weapons and firearms.


  • It is never stated that Birdman operates in the universe of Earth-1A. However, with links to the series creator Alex Toth it is very likely, though this has never been explicitly explored.
  • Episodes of Birdman were sandwiched in-between episodes of The Galaxy Trio, to make a full 25 minute episode split between three segments.
  • If the Cartoon Network series Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law is to be taken as canon, Birdman became a lawyer after retiring from superheroics and represented a lot of characters (including members of the Super Friends) throughout his career. - This is also evidence that Birdman and other Hanna-Barbera characters are inhabitants of the Earth-1A universe.  
  • Birdman was heavily influenced by the DC Comics superhero Hawkman. In fact, Birdman appears by mistake instead of Hawkman on the menu of the DVD compiling the Filmation DC shows.
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