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An eagle, a species of bird.[1]

Birds were warm-blooded, feathered, winged animals native to many worlds. There were a wide variety of birds.

They gave birth to their young by laying eggs. The most common type of bird on Earth was a chicken. They were generally used as farm animals and were one of the biggest sources for food on that world.

When people looked up in the sky, Superman was often mistaken for a bird.[2]



On a beautiful summer day, (at least until the interruption of a passing spacecraft) a number of birds were singing at the chicken farm.[3]

When Wonder Woman and Superman were in pursuit of a flying prison, she described the Raven, who was behind the crime, as the "bird pulling the strings."[4]

Types of birds


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  2. The common saying is: "It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman!" And ironically, Superman was transformed into a Super-Bird in the episode Circus of Horrors.
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