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Bialya was a Middle Eastern country that was ruled by the dictator known only as Queen Bee.

It was a nation that had seen more strife and a greater turnover of rulers than any of its larger Middle Eastern neighbors.

Located in the Mediterranean, Bialya had been in existence since the early 5th century, when it was wrested from Palestinian control by its nomadic inhabitants. What followed were centuries of warfare between the Bialyans, the Palestinians, the Muslim Arabs, the Crusaders of the 11th century, and the Ottoman Turks, who finally succeeded in conquering Bialya in the early 16th century. The Ottoman Empire maintained its hold over the tiny nation until its fall in World War I. Power over Bialya then passed to the British in 1920, who made Bialya part of Transjordan. Bialya remained as such until being granted independence in 1956 following three years of bitter anti-colonial civil warfare under the leadership of rebel Rumaan Harjavti.

Elected the first president of the emerging Republic of Bialya, Harjavti, with Bialyan military and Libyan backing, declared himself the nation's leader for life. Lacking in the oil fields of its' neighboring states, Harjavti sought to base the nation's economy on the training for, and export of, terrorism.

In later years, Bialya arose to prominence when three aliens from another dimension came to Earth with the intention of destroying the planet's nuclear weapons in order to save mankind from itself. The aliens chose Bialya as the first nuclear power to disarm, but the charismatic Harjavti was able to convince them to help him ferment international havoc. Although his plans were thwarted by the Justice League International, Harjavti remained in power and later teamed up with the Joker in a cooperative effort to destroy the entire roster of the J.L.I.

He was subsequently assassinated and replaced by Queen Bee and her army of superhuman followers, the former Global Guardians. Under her leadership, Bialya had undergone a renaissance of prosperity and wealth. Although they were suspicious of her intentions, neither the Justice League, Captain Atom nor U.S. intelligence agencies had been able to find evidence of improprieties that would warrant their intervention.[2]

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