Break room

Break room

This was a commercial for Cartoon Network. It features the Super Friends having a meal in what is likely the Hall of Justice dining room, and Ben Tennyson comes in to join them briefly.


In the break room in the Hall of Justice, the Super Friends members Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Batman are drinking coffee and are having a discussion. Wonder Woman tells Batman he's envious of Ben Tennyson. As Batman is pouring a cup of coffee, he asks Wonder Woman why would he be envious of a twelve-year old. She corrects him, telling him he's ten. She then says: "Maybe because he has Super powers?" Batman just laughs, saying: "She said we have no super powers." But she tells him she wasn't talking about the others, just him. He then mocked her for even saying that. Then Superman tells Batman that he agrees, because he doesn't have any super powers. Batman laughs and says: "What?!" Superman then explains, telling him that Aquaman can talk to fish, and that he can fly; "But you're just a loaded guy with a rubber mask, an expensive car and a funny belt." He then tells him that although he is in great shape, he has no super powers at all. He then apologizes. Just then, Ben Tennyson walks into the break room and tells them he's getting his lunch. He heads toward the refrigerator and grabs his sandwich. Batman greets him and says: "You must be the new kid...Ken? Ren?" Ben tells him his name is Ben. And he then tells him "You must be...Batman!" He was joking of course, he knew exactly who he was. He also asks him for his autograph. This makes Batman pleased. He then asked the other Justice Leaguers if they want half of his tuna sandwich. Aquaman excitedly tells him he does. Ben then tells Superman that he has Superman pajamas. Superman thinks that this is really cool, and he has a bright smile on his face. Ben then leaves the break room. Superman jumps up in excitement over what he just heard about the Superman pajamas. Batman then tells them he thought it was cool that he asked for his autograph. And Aquaman chimes in, saying it was cool that he gave him half of his sandwich. Silence then fell upon the room. Batman asks him if he's sure it's tuna. Aquaman then says he thinks he's gonna throw up. Wonder Woman then says she thinks Flash is going to love to here about this.

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