Battle of Trenton

George Washington in Trenton, New Jersey, briefly before the Battle of Trenton.[1]

The Battle of Trenton was an important military victory for the Continental Army on December 26th, 1776.

This battle was made possible by General George Washington, the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army; who led his troops into battle by crossing the Delaware River and entering Trenton, New Jersey unnoticed, so as to engage in a surprise attack against the German military.

Before this battle took place however, the Continental Army encountered visitors from the year 1980, which was Wonder Woman and the Atom, who had arrived there in a time elevator.

Washington and his men mistook the two superheroes for foreign spies, and ordered his men to seize them, so that they can be held prisoner until the Battle of Trenton was over and they could then be tried for their crimes.

The two superheroes manage to make a break for it, heading back to the time elevator and escaping to the year 1667.[2]


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