The Batmobile

The Batmobile is Batman's personal car. Batman's main ground transport, the Batmobile is a super fast motor vehicle with plenty of tricks up it's sleeves to thwart even the fastest villain. It has many features; auto ejection, grappling cables, parachutes, and many other things. The Batmobile is likely Batman's most often used vehicle.

Background Information

The Batmobile created for the original Superfriends was based on the Futura Batmobile, but the lines of the car were modified substantially for use in animation. The most obvious change was to the nose of the car, where the hood received a "V" depression that echoed the lower fascia. This was also the first car to feature the yellow bat emblems on the doors.

This basic design was used through 1977, when the Superfriends cartoon changed formats and became The Challenge of the Superfriends.


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