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Batman Strange Apparitions


Batman: Strange Apparitions is an eleven-part Detective Comics story that was referenced in Super Friends # 14.

The story, which focused on a number of different plots, mainly dealt with Batman's romance with Silver St. Cloud, and also his battle against Rupert Thorne and Hugo Strange.

Interestingly enough, one of the most popular Joker stories was also part of this story-arch, "The Laughing Fish".

The trade paperback of this DC comic book story was released by DC Comics in 1999.


Part One

By Death's Eerie Light!

Part Two

The Master Plan of Doctor Phosphorous!

Part Three

The Dead Yet Live

Part Four

I Am The Batman!

Part Five

The Malay Penguin

Part Six

The Deadshot Ricochet

Part Seven

The Laughing Fish!

Part Eight

Sign of the Joker!

Part Nine

The House that Haunted Batman![2]

Part Ten

The Coming of...Clayface III!

Part Eleven

If A Man Be Made of Clay


  1. This image was taken from the DC Database.
  2. This issue was not included in the trade paperback for some reason, but it's still part of the story and should likewise be considered just as canon.

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