Marvin playing basketball.[1]

Basketball was an Earth ball game in which a player or a team of players plays tried to shoot their ball into the opposing player's basket.

Marvin was showing Plinky how to play basketball and he told her he was the "wizard of the basketball court," after she had expressed how easy the game seemed to her. He later told her that she has good hands, noting her skill to grab the ball away from him with air suction.[2]

Marvin realized his basketball team at his school was never going to win, because they are not tall enough. So he tried to use stilts to see if that would help him get taller, but he realized that it would never work, after he fell and broke the stilts. He later used the reverse setting of the handheld minimizer to either make his team taller, or the other teams shorter, although he claims that he only played against girls, which is why every other team was shorter.[3]

In 1985, Nicholas, a handicapped kid from the Special School for Disabled Children, told his friend Victor Stone that now that he's getting used to his new artificial leg, he'll be back to playing basketball again in no time.[4]

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