A bat, ball and glove, used in the game of baseball.[1]

A photograph depicting a scene from a game of baseball.[2]

Baseball is a very popular ball game in the United States of America. It has become a part of American Culture, and there are even many famous teams in Major League Baseball as well as others.

Baseball was one of many games Marvin White loved to play, and he even had his own gear.[3]

When Clark Kent took Marvin White and Wendy Harris to the Blinken and Bristol Circus, Marvin told Clark he was going to throw some baseballs and win some prizes by playing a carnival game.[4]

Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent, who is secretly the superhero known as Superman, is also a big fan of baseball, which he often refers to as the "Great American Game." One of his favorite teams was the Metros, and Slam Thomas was his hero.[5]

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