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The Barlocks[1]

The Barlocks were a race of hostile cave dwellers from Earth.

Many human-inhabited cities on Earth during the 40th century were encased in domes, so as to keep the Barlocks from invading.

The ongoing conflict between the Barlocks and mankind had been going on at least since the 38th century, possibly even before, however they were not able to enter Earth's capitol city until the fortieth century, when they had assistance from men from the 20th century.

With the Barlocks help, these men, who were the Legion of Doom, were able to conquer not only Earth, but the entire Milky Way Galaxy.

This proved to only be a brief success, because they were soon defeated by the Super Friends.[2]

Details about the Barlocks


Very little is known about the physiology of the Barlocks, however they were humanoid, just like the humans that they were most likely a subspecies of. They even seemed to be stronger, at least more so than the average human. Their evolution seemed to give them an advantage in the dark, which they seemed to be able to see in quite well, however on the flip-side, they were blinded by bright lights.


Their customs and traditions were not well understood. They lived in caves, and seemed to be a fairly primitive tribal society, but they were also interested in conquering human settlements, suggesting that they had either been segregated and desired to retaliate, or weren't allowed to live among humans due to their savagery.


Despite being primitive compared to humans of their era, they possessed incredible technology, however, as Black Manta had noted, they didn't know how to use the tech they had very well.


Season 3 (1978):


  • The Barlocks were clearly inspired by the Morlocks, an underground dwelling race from the future from H.G. Wells' The Time Machine.


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