Balunian humanoid

Balunian humanoids[1]

Balunian humanoids are an alien species native to the planet Balunia.


Like Balunian dogs, and possibly other species from their homeworld, Balunian humanoids have a unique physiology. Their bodies are similar in structure and design to balloons. Because of this, they are often referred to as "Balloon people."

Their balloon-like bodies allows them to inflate or deflate, thereby increasing or decreasing their size at will. They posses air valves in their hands, one for each. They also have a larger valve on their chests, which when opened allows them to deflate much quicker.

They also have well developed minds, which gives them an incredible thought power they call teleportation. This ability allows them to telekinetically move small objects with their minds.

They also have blue skin and pointed ears.


Balunian humanoids are culturally similar to humans, in that they have families and even take pet animals, like Balunian dogs, which are similar to Earth dogs.


The technology invented by the Balunian humanoids seems to be incredibly advanced. They have spacecraft capable of traveling interstellar distances.

On their home planet, before leaving it, they had used technology that caused the air of the world to be polluted, thereby making it impossible for them to live there anymore.

Known Balunian humanoids


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