A Balunian is anything native to the planet Balunia. The Krim family and their pet dog were Balunians that came to Earth after their home planet was no longer suitable for them to live on, since the atmosphere had became polluted.

The various Balunian species have a unique physiology, as they are similar in structure to balloons, allowing them to inflate and deflate themselves, thereby giving them the ability of size alteration. Such unique physiology was seen in at least two Balunian species, and one could assume that there are other species that likewise have similar physiology on Balunia.



Super powers

  • Psychokinesis: Balunians have a psychokinetic power they call teleportation. This ability is known to exist in the humanoids and dog species of Balunia. Likely most natives, if not all also have such an ability.
  • Size alteration: At least two species of Balunians have the ability to alter their size, by inflating and deflating, releasing the air from their bodies.
  • Aerokinesis: They are able to manipulate the air within their bodies, which allows them to fly, similar to a balloon full of helium, and they can also create powerful suction with their hand valves. The air within their bodies also allows them to survive under water, since the air within them is an air supply.


Super Friends


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