Bakerline is one of the six boroughs of Metropolis. It is north of New Troy, directly across Hob's River. Although skyscrapers and other "Big city" sites are present in Bakerline, it is a mostly a rural community, and it is often referred to as "the outskirts of Metropolis."[2]




The New Adventures of Superman


  1. As seen in The Men from A.P.E. episode of The New Adventures of Superman.
  2. The narrator said that Toyman's hideout was on the "Outskirts of Metropolis." The particular area he was in was a waterfront area, which seemed to be across a river from the Central Business District. This was determined by the fact that you see that Superman throws Toyman's flying top in the river, while the Toyman and his goons are watching from across the river. It's fairly certain that this river is Hob's River, based upon the fact that the Metropolis Waterfront is shown here, and that's in Downtown Metropolis, which is directly adjacent to the Central Business District. It seems impossible that the river is the West River, because that would mean that it's Queensland Park instead of Bakerline, which would be closer to the ocean, and the implication is that it was further inland, otherwise why call it "Outskirts" when it would actually just be the end of the city and the end of land entirely? I don't know, that's just my reasoning. Assuming that the river actually is the Hob's River, then the land across from it must be Bakerline. St. Martin's Island is directly east of New Troy, but too far away. Also, Bakerline is the farthest northern borough of Metropolis, which makes it better qualified to be referred to as the "Outskirts." After a close examination of all this evidence, it seems likely that it's Bakerline, more specifically, Toyman's hideout is most likely in Hampstead, Bakerline, since it's across the river from the Central Business District.
  3. Conjecture based on the comics.
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