When the Bat-Rocket's hull is ruptured, the ship starts to lose atmosphere[1]

Atmosphere was a layer of gases that surrounded planets, moons and other types of celestial bodies.

The Atmosphere and Lifeforms

Earth's atmosphere, often called air, was essential to human life, and all other Earthly life, for without it, breathing would have been impossible. When Spaceships were built, they were built in such a way that they could contain the atmosphere inside that they brought from Earth or whatever world they came from.



The atmospheres of the planets known as Solar Terrarium and Balunia were heavily polluted. On Solar Terrarium, much of the sunlight was blocked and the planet became much cooler, and Balunia was completely uninhabitable. However, Solar Terrarium's atmosphere was cleaned up by the Superfriends, allowing the natives to come out of their homes, and a family of Balunians came to Earth to live out the rest of their days.[2]

Doctor Curum told Superman that the air at the launch site of Mars 1 was carefully analyzed, and it had been determined that it couldn't have been the cause for the people there to shrink.[3]

While in the South Atlantic, Doctor Hiram Gulliver told his cat, Igor, who was with him in the boat, that there's nothing like a little "salt air."[4]


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