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The location of Atlantis, as seen on a map in the Aquacave.[1]

Atlantis was a large continent or land mass that sunk below the Atlantic circa 9,600 BC.

Cities of Atlantis

There were at least four known Atlantean cities that have been found since the destruction of the continent.


The capitol city existed under the Atlantic Ocean even after it sank, and it was ruled by Aquaman in the 20th century. It was protected by a large dome. The city was called Poseidonis.[2]

Ocina's Atlantean city

Another surviving Atlantean city is ruled by Queen Ocina, who commands an all-female army. Their goal is to conquer mankind. This Atlantean island is able to move about throughout the oceans like a submarine, thanks to the technological wonders of the Atlanteans.[3]

Un-named Atlantean city

The ruins of an Atlantean city were found through a sea fissure, deep in the Earth's core.[4]


Little Mermaid is from the Atlantean city, Tritonis. She is currently a Global Guardians based in Denmark.


Oceana is the 'forgotten' sister city to Atlantis.


References and Appearances

Season 3, First Segment: the new SuperFriends (1978):

Season 4 (1979):

Season 5, 1980 Shorts:


As depicted in The SuperFriends, #9(December 1977).

Map of Atlantis, Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis, Vol. 6 #42 (March 2007), art by Ricardo Villagra

Athanasius Kircher's map of Atlantis, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.[7]

In the comics

  • Atlantis first appeared in the comic books, in Adventure Comics vol. 1, #260[8] (May 1959) and was created by Robert Bernstein and Ramona Fradon.
  • It was meant to be the Atlantis from mythology (the mythical island of Atlantis first mentioned in Plato's initial dialogue the Timaeus, written circa 360 BC).
  • The DC Comics mini-series The Atlantis Chronicles[9] details its' rich history much greater. But the history shown in this mini-series does not necessarily reflect the history of Atlantis in the Superfriends universe, since it is of another universe.



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