Atlantean-Amazon War

Atlantean-Amazon War[1]

The Atlantean-Amazon War was a war fought between the Atlanteans of Ocina's city, and the Amazons of Paradise Island.


When Ocina brought her kingdom to the surface of the Atlantic, she began a military campaign against the rest of the Earth. She defeated Aquaman, Rima and Wonder Woman rather easily, and was bent on conquering her first nation.

He floating city reaches the shores of the United States of America, where they quickly take over Washington, D.C....

The War

While captured by Ocina, Wonder Woman manages to get a message out to the Amazons of Themyscira; a city-state located on Paradise Island.

Hippolyta and many of her Amazonian sisters quickly arrive in Washington via their invisible sky chariots.

The war between the two groups of female warriors continues until it ends with the Amazons victory.


After the conclusion of the conflict, Superman and Aquaman return Ocina's Atlantean City to the ocean.

Wonder Woman thanked her mother Hippolyta for helping the United States with the conflict against the Atlantean women; as she knew that the superheroes couldn't have handled the task on their own.

Hippolyta told her that the Amazons are always ready to help the fight for justice. "For we of Paradise Island are all Wonder Women."


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