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SuperFriends Comic Book Character
The Olympian
Olympian 3 (Issue 9)
Real name: Aristides Demetrios
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Base: Greece
Affiliations: Global Guardians
International Heroes

Global Guardians Team Member


Aristides Demetrios is a Greek national who wears the mythical Golden Fleece, which grants him the strength of Hercules and various other powers connected to the heroes who comprised the Argonauts. Is this guise he is known as the Olympian. He soon becomes a founding member of the Global Guardians.

Background Information

Earth-1A Continuity

In late 1977, Aristides and Wonder Woman battle Colonel Conquest in Greece, where a bomb was supposed to be hidden.[1]

New Earth Continuity

On the parallel-universe of the New Earth, the Olympian, on one occasion, learns that his fellow members of the Global Guardians were to be supported by the Bialyan dictator Queen Bee, Olympian joins up. An unwitting participant in a public relations ploy, the Olympian helps his teammates and Justice League Europe battle a giant, alien robot on the grounds of the League's embassy. This robot was sent by the Queen Bee herself, using technology stolen from a now-dead member of the alien Dominators. The Queen did not care if the robot ended up killing any of the Guardians. The Olympian and Godiva help save nearby confused well-wishers from being crushed when the robot, damaged, threatens to fall on them. After the Queen Bee dies, he later reunites with the other Global Guardians and remains a member since.[2]

A romantic relationship with Dorcas Leigh (Godiva) his teammate in the Global Guardians is interrupted when an ancient villain named Fain Y'Onia attacks the duo in London. A brief battle with Fain Y'Onia leaves them both injured and Godiva apparently powerless. Other Guardians were apparently rendered powerless by the villain and Bushmaster was slain. The Olympian rallies with the able-bodied members of the Guardians and ambushes Fain in the Arizona desert. During the battle, Tuatara is badly injured and Thunderlord is slain. The Wild Huntsman and Fain Y'Onia vanish from this reality. The Olympian is the one who theorizes that the Huntsman's final purpose was to do exactly that and that both will return one day


Golden Fleece: grants the powers of any of the fifty Argonauts


Prolonged use of the Golden Fleece influences the user with the personalities of ancient warriors whose powers are manifested by the fleece. This has an adverse affect on the Olympian's psyche.


Super Friends comics (1976-1981):



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