Aquaman and Black Manta are archenemies.[1]

The term archenemy referred to an enemy of a character, a superhero or a supervillain, who was seen to be their primary enemy or most worthy opponent.

The term didn't apply to ALL of their enemies though. As an example, Mr. Freeze was an enemy of Batman, but he wasn't Batman's chief adversary, because the Joker was by far his most worthy and recurrent foe.

Still, the term was often used incorrectly; synonymously with the word enemy, despite the fact that not all of a character's enemies were archenemies.[2]

Enemy vs. Archenemy

The terms enemy and archenemy were often times used interchangeably, still, they didn't mean the same thing.

As was mentioned above, some supervillains were not considered archenemies of their superhero counterparts, although they were still enemies.

Still, their were times when archenemy was used to describe any enemy of a certain superhero, whether or not they were their "greatest" enemy.

List of Archenemies


  1. As seen in Menace Of The Black Manta
  2. On occasion, the term "archenemy" was used to describe any enemy, and because of that, enemy redirects here.

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