Alfonso Carrillo de Acuña was born in 1410 and died on July 1, 1482.

He was a Spanish politician and Roman Catholic archbishop.

He was made bishop of Sigüenza in 1436 then archbishop of Toledo in 1446. He declined a promotion in 1440.

From 1462 Carrillo was a main supporter of the noble 'Castilian faction' which wanted to depose the king and replace him with his half-brother, the infante (the title and rank given in the Iberian sons and daughters of Spain and Portugal) Alfonso, and he was a highly active participant in the Farce of Avila. This began a long and bloody civil war in Castile.

The noblemen, anxious for power, confronted King Henry, demanding that his younger half-brother Infante Alfonso be named his successor. They even went so far as to ask Alfonso to seize the throne. The nobles, now in control of Alfonso and claiming that he was the true heir, clashed with King Henry's forces at the Second Battle of Olmedo in 1467. The battle was a draw

On December 12 1474, news of Princess Isabella's brother King Henry IV's death in Madrid reached Segovia. The next day, Isabella was crowned as Queen of Castile and León. Her reign got off to a rocky start, as there were already several plots against her. Diego Pacheco, the Marquis of Villena, and his followers maintained that Joanna la Beltraneja, daughter of Isabella's brother King Henry IV, was the rightful queen. Shortly after the Marquis made his claim, a longtime supporter of Isabella, the Archbishop of Toledo, left court to plot with his great-nephew the Marquis. The Archbishop and Marquis made plans to have the Infanta Joanna marry her uncle, King Alfonso V of Portugal and invade Castile to claim the throne for themselves.


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