Aquaman's Hidden Sea Cave
Aquaman's Hidden Sea Cave (2)

Aquaman's Hidden Lair.

Background Information

On the parallel-universe of Earth-One, the Aquacave once served as Aquaman's hideaway and headquarters.

A small airtight underwater cave dwelling on the outskirts of Poseidonis, he decorated the cave with various trophies and souvenirs from his many exploits. Aquaman abandoned the Aquacave shortly after being crowned King of Atlantis, but he occasionally returns to it for moments of solace. It was also the home base for Aquaman's submersible vehicle, such as the Double Dolphin.

During the time when Aquaman had a family life with Mera and Arthur Curry, Jr., it was his permanent home, guarded by Topo the Octopus.

Episode Appearance


  • The Aquacave first appeared in Adventure Comics, #270/3 (March 1960).[1]
  • This is the Hidden Lair's one and only appearance in the SuperFriends series, however, in The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure, a very similar lair called the "Aquacave" (its Earth-One designation) is shown to be Aquaman's headquarters. It's not entirely clear if this hidden lair is intended to be the Aquacave. We assume that it is.


Aquaman's Hidden Sea Cave 4


  1. The Earth-Two / Golden Age version of the Aquacave was the 'Sea-Fortress' and first appeared in More Fun Comics, #75 (January 1942).
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