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Apokolips is the home world of the dreaded Darkseid, who rules the planet like a tyrant. The world is known for its' terror throughout the galaxy. Apokolips exists in a dimension outside of Earth's plane of existence. Star Command, which is Darkseid's palace, is located on the planet Apokolips. All of Darkseid's forces (Darkseid's Elite and Dog Cavalry), including Kalibak and DeSaad reside here as well.

Any native of the planet is called an Apokoliptian.

Indigenous species


The planet seems to be geologically unstable. Originally, it was a mostly rocky world, with jungles and full of animal lifeforms, but by 1985, the planet became filled with Fire Pits, causing fire to erupt to the surface, suggesting that the core is somewhat unstable. One could also assume that the heat would have caused much death and the extinction of many species.


Background Information

On the parallel-universe of Earth-One, Apokolips[1] is a large planet. It is an ecumenopolis[2] with burning firepits. The war that destroyed the Old Gods, appears to have left Apokolips as a high tech industrial wasteland, separated from the rest of the universe, and only accessible by extra dimensional point-to-point travel portals. Apokolips and its bright counterpart, New Genesis, were spawned by the destruction of the planet Urgrund,[3] the world of the "Old Gods". Apokolips and New Genesis are locked in an eternal war, symbolizing the struggle of evil and good on a grand mythic scale. Apokolips is ruled by a fell being known as Darkseid, a dark leader who rules over his downtrodden people by force and fear.

Episode Appearances

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  • Apokolips first appeared in New Gods, Vol. 1 #1 (March, 1971).[4]
  • It was created by writer-artist Jack Kirby.


  • SuperFriends member Cyborg, has repeatedly mentioned his distaste of the planet Apokolips, often times complaining when the team has to travel there on a mission.
  • Cyborg also had difficulty pronouncing the name of the planet, referring to it as "Aloppollips" on one occasion.


  1. Apokolips is a play on the term "apocalypse".
  2. Ecumenopolis (from οικουμένη, meaning world, and πόλις (polis) meaning city, thus a city made of the whole world; plural: ecumenopolises or ecumenopoleis) is a word invented in 1967 by the Greek city planner Constantinos Doxiadis to represent the idea that in the future urban areas and megalopolises would eventually fuse and there would be a single continuous worldwide city as a progression from the current urbanization and population growth trends.
  3. Urgrund is German for "primeval ground".
  4. Go to DC Database for more on New Gods, Vol. 1 #1 published in March, 1971.
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