Anubis' species

Anubis' species[1]

Anubis' species was a canine humanoid species from a planet in a solar system far away from Earth. The species was wiped out, all but one, by a scientist named Anubis, who accidentally killed every other member of his race by his invention called a Power Pyramid, which destroyed his planet.

He escaped his own world's destruction in his spacecraft, which eventually brought him to Earth, but he is feared by the human natives of that world and he is forced to go into suspended animation for five thousand years. After he is awakened, he decides to get revenge on the human race, but he is stopped by the Space Sentinels and convinced to return to his homeworld to a time prior to its' destruction, and this time prevent it.

He agrees, and uses his Power Pyramid as a time travel device, returning to his homeworld and presumably altering history, thereby allowing his race to live once again.[2]

Details of this race

This race is humanoid, just like humans, but they have what appears to be the face of a wolf or another canine-like creature. It can be assumed that their species is highly advanced technologically; that is, at least Anubis himself possessed such technology.

As far as their behavior, there wasn't anything to indicate that they were war-like, however Anubis himself seemed to show some predjudice toward humans at first. And he judged 20th century mankind by what their ancestors had done to him. Anubis was reasonable and reached an agreement to allow the Space Sentinels to return him back in time. He was grateful for the kindness shown and departed peacefully.


Space Sentinels


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