Filmation Character
Real name: Anubis
AKA: God of Darkness
Species: Unknown
Homeworld: Unknown
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: Brown (Fur)
Eyes: Brown
Relatives: Osiris (falsely believed to be his father)
Apprentice: N/A
Occupation: Ancient Egyptian God, scientist
Base: Anubis's UFO
Weaponry: Power Pyramid

Anubis was the Egyptian God of Darkness.

When Black Adam was casting a magic spell on the Marvel Family, he said: "By the power of Anubis, hault!", which caused them to stop dead in their tracks.[1]


According to mythology, Anubis was an important deity to the Egyptian people, the son of Osiris. But in actuality, he was an alien from another planet, who came to Earth when he created an incredible technology called the Power Pyramid, which he used and in the process he accidentally destroyed his homeworld.

He left for Earth, arriving in Ancient Egypt, but the primitive natives were scared of him and they attacked him, forcing him to go into suspended animation. During this time the natives of Egypt build a stone structure around the craft, covering it, so that Anubis would never see the light of day, which would awaken him.

Presumably it was this incident that gave the Egyptians the insight to build the other Pyramids of Egypt. This is a sound theory considering that the natives were fairly primitive and the engineering involved in building the pyramids seem quite advanced for such a primitive civilization.

Anubis is awakened accidentally five thousand years later by archeologists who were exploring his pyramid shaped craft, which they thought was built by the Ancient Egyptians. He immediately attacks them and also the city of Giza, in an attempt to get revenge.

The Space Sentinels arrive on the scene to combat him, and Sentinel One even makes contact with him through his Power Pyramid. But in so doing, he gets a fix on the location of S1, and he sends his Power Pyramid to destroy him. The Sentinels attack the device, and Anubis is amazed by the super powers of the team. They tell them that his Power Pyramid could be used to return him to his homeworld, to a point in time before the planet was destroyed. This is possible since his Pyramid could travel faster than light, thereby allowing it to penetrate the time barrier, thus travelling through time.

He is amazed by the intelligence and kindness shown to him by the modern humans, and he tells them that once he arrives on his homeworld, he will be able to prevent the destruction that he had caused in the previous version of the timeline. He then leaves Earth, heading for home.[2]



Anubis first appeared in First Issue Special # 9 (December 1975).[3]


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