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The Antimatter Universe

10 billion years ago,[1] Krona, an ancient scientist from the planet Oa (retconned to be Maltus), looked back in time to the beginning of the universe. His interference with nature somehow retroactively created an anti-matter counterpart to the universe, as well as an infinite number of parallel universes.

The ‘Anti-Matter Universe’ stretches on for more than Thirty-Two Zillion light years. There are more that Fifty-Three Million worlds, Two-Million of which contain sentient life.[2]

One of these planets is Qward. The Weaponers of Qward[3] (devoted adversaries of the Guardians of the Universe) have frequently crossed swords with their dimensional counterparts, the Green Lantern Corps. To aid them in their efforts to destroy the Guardians, they have relied upon the aid of a former Corps member, Sinestro.



The Antimatter Universe was first introduced in Green Lantern, Vol. 2 #2 (October, 1960).[4]

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  3. The Weaponers of Qward are a society of smiths and engineers that comprise a large population of the native Qwardian race.
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