A scene from the anti-drug television commercial from Keebler

In 1983, a new anti-drug commercial (PSA) was released, that was sponsored by Keebler.[1][2]

The commercial featured Cyborg and the New Teen Titans. It was to follow the same universe of the SuperFriends series.[3]

The release of this PSA was to coincide with a Hanna-Barbera animated series based on the then-current version of the Teen Titans. Unfortunately, the show never made it to television.

The members of the team were to included:

Robin was not going to be a part of the series since he was already part of the SuperFriends.

The New Teen Titans comics (1983)

Also in 1983, a very special Teen Titans book was published. It made its debut, not on newsstands, but as part of a kit distributed to schools around the country. The kit was co-produced by DC Comics, Inc., and the Keebler Company for use in President Reagan's drug awareness campaign. Its goal was to inform schoolchildren (in particular, fourth graders) about the dangers of drug abuse.

The following link directly to the DC Database:

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  2. New Teen Titans Drug Awareness Special (Keebler)
  3. New Teen Titans Drug Awareness Special (NSDI)


  • Cyborg's voice actor was either Ernie Hudson or Black Vulcan's voice actor Buster Jones.
  • The Protector first appeared in DC Comics in the pages of The New Teen Titans comics in a series of issues that dealt with keeping children away from drugs.
  • The New Teen Titans drug issues written by Marv Wolfman and penciled by George Pérez.
  • The comics were sponsored by Keebler, and since Robin was licensed at Nabisco, his character couldn't be used, so DC created a new character called the Protector.
  • An animated commercial was also produced as a tie-in to this event. The comic and the cartoon were used in schools to teach kids the dangers of using drugs.
  • The commercial marks the first time The New Teen Titans were seen in animation, they would later be seen again as the stars of two Cartoon Network series, Teen Titans in 2003 and Teen Titans Go! in 2013.
  • Cyborg winking at us complete with gleam was looped for a certain video by vaporwave artist futureウェイヴ(wave), which means it is more known than the rest of the PSA by the Internet.

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