Animals escaping from the Zoo[1]

In biology, the word animal refers to any multi-cellular eukaryotic organism. By this definition, the human race are likewise animals.

In general speech however, an animal describes any number of species that are usually less intelligent than humans and other sentient lifeforms. There are a few notable exceptions, for example, Super-Apes possess super intelligence, and have the ability to communicate verbally as well as telepathically. Tawky Tawny is another rare case, he's a tiger that can talk, because he was apparently mutated somehow and he was transformed into an anthropomorphic talking tiger. Animals that have such special abilities are typically called Super Animals.

There are countless species of animals native to Earth and other planets. Many are used for food or as pets, or can be seen in the wild or in Zoological parks. This is a list of various animals.

Although adult humans were affected by Doctor Hiram Gulliver's Sonic Microwave Reducer, other animals were not, due to their metabolism.[2]

List of animals


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