Doctor Morpheus mimics the abilities of a spider by shooting webs. This is one of many examples of animal mimicry.[1]

Animal Mimicry, sometimes called "Animal Morphing" was the ability that allowed characters to mimic the abilities and even powers of an animal. When the animal had physical abilities that were higher than that of a human (elephant strength, speed of a cheetah, sight of a hawk) then normally there wasn't a physical change but a demonstrated one.

When the user gained abnormal abilities to that of the Human physiology their bodies may have changed such as the claws of a crab, wings of a bird and luminescence of a bug. However, in extreme cases where the human physiology is malleable they may have been able to turn entirely into the said animal and adapt all of their abilities.

Werewolves were Humans that were able to transform into a Humanoid version of a wolf. This was called Lycanthropy, which usually only occurred when a werewolf was under a full moon.

Characters with this ability


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