Lana Lang dressed up as an Angel.[1]

Angels were creatures from Heaven, the messengers of God. Once Lana Lang dressed up as an angel at a masquerade party, while Clark Kent dressed up as the devil. Steve Trevor often calls Wonder Woman "Angel." The enemies of the angels are called the demons.

The Grim Reaper is often referred to as the "Angel of Death."

Known angels


The Adventures of Superboy


  • In DC Comics, a superhero named Zauriel was a fallen angel who joined the Justice League of America.
  • Demons are often referred to as "Fallen angels." This implies that demons are actually angels, or at least a subrace. Considering that Eclipso was said to be an angel at one time, the implication is that demons are actually the same race, except they are evil.


  1. As seen in The Adventures of Superboy episode A Devil of a Time.

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