Professor Amy Zahn
Prof Zahn
Real name: Amy Zahn
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue
Base: her desert laboratory
Affiliations: Dr. Taylor
Rogue of: Batman; Wonder Woman
Voiced/Played: Shannon Farnon
Lab 1

The Desert Lab


Professor Amy Zahn was a female scientist during the 1970s.



Professor Amy Zahn was an unpredictable Genius who was overwhelmed by her desire to be stronger than men. So she tried to create a formula that would make a woman as strong as a man believing that this would make them equal.
In her desire for power, she used the un-tested formula on herself. Instead of giving her strength, it made her grow 50 feet tall.
With her increased size Amy Zahn also gained extreme arrogance, figuring nothing can stop her and proceeded to shock civilians as she walked through the city in her giant state. Amy Zahn also easily kidnapped Batman, with the intent of making him her trophy husband. Only with the aid of the SuperFriends and her lab partner, Dr. Taylor were they able to reverse the effects and save her mind.

Powers and Abilities

Super Powers


Professor Zahn's only appearance was in the Season 2 episode, The Fifty foot Woman.

Her name is a play on the word "Amazon".

She's the 2nd feminist character after Medula.

Amy Zahn is the first female giant of the whole series before Giganta.

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