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Amazons on Paradise Island.
Image from Wonder Woman, #1 (July 1942).

Long ago, the planet earth was ruled by gods. Two in particular: are Ares, god of war and Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. Ares vows that men shall rule with swords and Aphrodite vows that women shall conquer men with love.

Many years later, the swordsman of Ares (now called Mars) slew their weaker brothers and plundered them. The women were sold as slaves, because they were cheaper than cattle. In response, Aphrodite shaped with her own hands a race of super women. Women that were stronger than men. She breathed life into them and also the power of love. She called them Amazons and gave their leader a magic girdle with the promise that as long as this is worn, the Amazons will be uncontrollable.


The Amazons built a magnificent city, calling it Amazonia. They easily defeated all attackers.

By the days of ancient Greece, many centuries ago, Hercules, the strongest man in the world, is inspired by Mars, to make war on the Amazons and plunder Amazonia. He drunkenly vows to take Queen Hippolyta’s magic girdle and bring back her women in chains. He takes his army to Amazonia. While his feats of strength were impressive, she easily defeats him in combat. She makes him promise to return home and leave them in peace. However, his true plan is much sinister. He calls for a banquet in honor of the beautiful Amazons. By the end of the evening, he had enacted his plan, having the magic girdle in his possession. By morning he had looted the city and taken the Amazons prisoner. Fearing a revolt, the Greeks put their captives in chains. Aphrodite became angry at the Amazonians because they succumbed to the wiles of men. The submission proved to be unbearable and Hippolyta pleaded with Aphrodite for help in securing the Magic Girdle. She conceded and the Amazons were able to overcome their masters – the men. However, Aphrodite’s aid was not without conditions. They must wear the bracelets fashioned by our captors, reminding them of the folly of submitting to man’s domination and secondly, they must sail for many days and nights, until they reach the shore of Paradise Island. Shortly after their arrival, Athena (goddess of wisdom) gave them the Magic Sphere. This gift provides knowledge of man’s world. This knowledge has help the Amazons stay far advanced over men and their inventions.[1]


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