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Hippolyta and Her Warriors (05x07c - Return of Atlantis)

The Amazonians and Queen Hippolyta

These Amazonians are a race of humans, that have thrived in peace for centuries. Queen Hippolyta rules them with justice. They are watched over by the goddesses, Athena and Aphrodite, who are actually a race of beings from the planet Caltos.[1]

Background Information

Invisible Sky Chariots (05x07c - Return of Atlantis)

The Amazons in their Sky-Chariots!

Amazons (05x07c - Return of Atlantis)

The parallel-universe of Earth-One, offers many origin tales for the Amazons. Not all are the same in detail or order of event, but they all depicted the plight of this mighty race. What arises below is the best and most coherent arrangement from them all. As so our tale begins![2]

In the Land of Amazonia

Many centuries ago, in the days of Ancient Greece, Amazonia[3] was the foremost nation in the world. Her people were the Amazons, a race of proud warriors, both men and women. They battled against evil forces who threatened peaceful people. Their astounding feats demoralized villains everywhere. Eventually conflict would claim the lives of all their men, leaving the women in utter woe. In response, the goddess Aphrodite breathed new life, strength greater than man’s and the power of love into this race of women. She chooses Hippolyta as their Queen and gives her a magic girdle, telling her that as long as she wears it, she will be unconquerable.[4]

Over time however, the Queen is depressed, still seeking love lost. The goddesses Athena and Aphrodite observe her depression, so they decide to give her, not a man to love, but a child. Not only because of her depression, but because of her deeds of justice throughout the land. Athena guides Hippolyta in carving the figure of a baby girl from clay and then gives the child-statue life. Aphrodite gives the baby the name Diana, after the moon goddess, since the moon is shining down upon them.[5] Hippolyta calls the baby her “wonder child!” Aphrodite decides to bequeath the child all her gifts, so she will be one of the fairest of maids throughout the world. Athena then bestows all the wisdom of the planets. Soon, other gods visit the royal chamber: Mercury bequeaths speed faster than his and Hercules bequeaths strength greater than he has. The queen then prays that these blessings be used for justice.[6] [NOTE: This is before Paradise Island would travel to a magic dimension where they would be rejuvenated, ensuring their immortality – thus having no need to reproduce.][7]

Aphrodite’s rival, Ares, the god of war; [observing Aphrodite’s favor] plotted to destroy the Amazons with the mighty Hercules (strongest man in the Ancient world). He tells the strong man, that although they are a mighty race, they are still women. He instructed Hercules to court Hippolyta, telling him that women are blinded when being wooed.[8] Knowing of their skill in battle, Hercules, selected his mightiest warriors, sailed to her shores and declared war. Upon his arrival, the Queen challenged the strong man to personal combat, knowing that with her magic girdle, she could not lose. She did win, and out of Amazonian love, she spared his life and offered a truce and peace. He accepted, offering to seal their truce with a kiss. It was with this kiss that he was able to lower her defenses and steal the magic girdle! This kissed sealed not a ‘promise’ but ‘doom.’ This was his plan all along. The Amazons were bound in chains and forced into slavery. Aphrodite was angered with the Queen, for acting so foolishly that she refused to help. In time, the goddess relented. With her help, the Amazons broke their bonds and defeated the strong man and his army. In turn, she commanded the Amazons to leave their land and seek a new land.[9]

A New Land, Paradise Island

As Hippolyta comforts Diana, her teenage daughter, the Queen decides to gather all the Amazon women together to build a stout ship – one that will take them away from these terrible wars. They will begin in the morning. In the night, the Queen is awakened to the sound of construction. As she rushes to the shore line, she sees Diana constructing the great ship. By morning it is ready. The ship is soon loaded and they set sail for some far away land, far from the course of ships. A secret Island, that will be the new home of the Amazons. During their voyage of many months, they encounter “man perils,” so it falls to Diana (because of her 'giftedness by the gods') to rescue them. After many perils, they pass through a ‘strange mist’ on the outskirts of their new home. They awaken on the shore of an Island they call Paradise Island.[10] This Island is hidden in heart of the Bermuda Triangle.[11]

Athena appears as they celebrate on their new shore. She tells them that the 'mist' they passed through is known as the 'mists of eternal youth.' This mist will allow them to remain young like they are, provided that they NEVER leave the island.[12] Aphrodite soon appears as well and commands them to wear the Bracelets of Submission as a pledge of service to her and to always remind them of the folly of submitting to men. In addition to this, Aphrodite commanded them to never allow men to set foot on their new land.[13]

Over the years, young Diana would help her fellow Amazons build a new home, spend her time exercising, mastering all forms of science and languages, having fun, and riding the Rocs, which were giant birds, native to the island. It also became very clear, that young Diana was superior to all of the other Amazons - gifted by the gods.[14]


Known Earth-1A Amazons


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  • The Amazons of DC Comics are a fictional all-female society of superhumans, based on the Amazons of Greek mythology. There have been three major incarnations of these Amazons, one before the Crisis, and two after. What two of these groups have in common is that they are the race which produced Wonder Woman.
  • They first appeared in All Star Comics, Vol. 1 #8[15] (December 1941).
  • The Amazons of Paradise Island were first created by William Moulton Marston as part of the origin story of his creation, Wonder Woman.
    • After Marston’s death, Roger Kaniger, became the title’s writer, beginning with issue #22 (March/April 1947) which came at the end of the Golden Age through the Silver Age. In total, he spent over 20 years working on Wonder Woman as an editor [from issue #17 (May/June 1946) to issue #176 (May/June 1968)] and as the writer of the series.
    • With Marston no longer in the picture, Kanigher as the new writer of Wonder Woman comics, gave birth to Wonder Woman's Silver Age origin. In the Silver Age, her superpowers were turned to divine gifts by the gods. Kanigher completely erased the utopian aspect of Wonder Woman and did not worry about mythological consistency. His origin story also completely undid Marston’s messages about female superiority.


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