All-Star Squadron[1]

The All-Star Squadron was a squadron of superheroes representing the United States Government during World War II.

The squadron was made up of primarily members of the Justice Society of America and many, many other superheroes that were brought together by President Roosevelt, with the goal of crushing the Axis, serving as the USA's homefront heroes.


Not long after the Japanese navy attacked Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt contacted members of the Justice Society; and asked them to begin mobilizing as many superheroes as they can find, so that they can neutralize the Axis threat.

The superhero group proved to be essential in helping keep the Axis from taking over the States, while the Allied Forces won the war, a victory that likely would not have been achieved if not for such superhuman intervention.


There were many members of the All-Star Squadron, this included, but wasn't limited to; members of the Justice Society, Freedom Fighters, Seven Soldiers of Victory and many others. Keep in mind that membership was different on Earth-One then it was on Earth-Two. It's also not certain if the All-Star Squadron existed in the Universe of Evil or on any other universe, but they were definitely on Earths one and two. Below is the list of membership...


More members to be added later...



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  2. For more information about that DC comic book click here.

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