Alien monster Watchmen

The so-called Alien monster[1]

This monster was created by Ozymandias as part of a plot to stop the United States from entering into a nuclear war, by making them think that an alien invasion was imminent, causing them to join forces with the Soviet Union for a common to fight off the invasion. The result was the deaths of millions in New York City, and even though Nite-Owl, Silk Spectre and Doctor Manhattan were aware of Veidt's crime, they knew that they couldn't tell the world, because if they did, it could bring the world back to the brink of disaster. Rorschach however was unwilling to compromise, and he decided he was going to tell others about what had happened. But he is stopped by Manhattan, who kills him in Antarctica.


  • The Alien monster made its' first appearance in Watchmen # 12 (October 1987).[2]
  • In the cartoon, the monster is portrayed as being alive, but in actuality, the monster was shown dead when it was teleported to New York City.


Saturday Morning Watchmen


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