Alien Invasion

A so-called Alien Invasion.[1]

An Alien Invasion was an invasion from from an alien race from outer space. It shouldn't be confused with a simple visit from aliens, who may come in peace...but rather an alien invasion refers to an alien race who wishes to take over the world, and possibly even kill all life or intelligent life on the planet.

Earth has faced Alien Invasions on several occasions, some of which have tried to take over the earth more than once.

Perhaps the first alien invasion on Earth occurred in 1955, when a massive invasion fleet appeared above the Earth. The prelude to this invasion was when an spy came to Smallville to check and see if Earth was suitable for invasion. He then telepathically sends a message to his people's homeworld to send the invasion fleet. Superboy the repels the invasion force, who then retreat.[2]

King Plasto once used a FRERP flying saucer to scare the citizens of Gotham City into thinking there was an Alien Invasion.[3]


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