Ali Baba

Robin saying "Holy Ali Baba!"[1]

Ali Baba was the fabled Middle-Eastern hero. He was one of the most recognizable characters from the book, Arabian Nights.



When Batman and Robin were in Shamon's laboratory, Simeon Shamon and his two lab technicians ran off and escaped through a tunnel. When the Dynamic Duo tried to to enter the tunnel, they were unsuccessful at getting the door to the tunnel to open. The Teen Wonder then suggested maybe they should try a magic word, like "Open sesame." Immediately the door opened and Robin was surprised, thinking that the words worked,[2] and he said "Holy Ali Baba!"

Powers and Abilities

Super powers

  • Magic: Although Ali Baba himself possesses no magical powers, he has at least a limited understanding of it, as he is aware of how to open the Forty Thieves' treasure cave, which he opens by uttering the magic words: "Open sesame."


  • Woodcutting: Ali Baba's trade was as a woodcutter.
  • Theft: Although not a professional thief, he did present that he had the skill, as he stole a bunch of gold coins from the Forty Thieves cave.


  • Ali Baba made his first DC Comics appearance in Action Comics # 17 (October 1939).[3]


Super Friends


  1. As seen in the Superfriends season one episode The Shamon 'U' (1973).
  2. In actuality, it was Doctor Shamon who had opened the door from the other side, who was running away from a giant Wonder Dog, whom he mistook for a yeti.
  3. For more information about this DC comic book, click here.

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