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Alex Ross Alex Ross
Birthname: Nelson Alexander Ross

Born: January 22, 1970

Birthplace: Portland, Oregon USA

Appeared in: Saturday, Sleeping Bags & Super Friends[1]

Official Website: Alex Ross Art

Alex Ross is a famous artist. His art is well known as being paintings of live models. He is perhaps best known for his work with Mark Waid in Kingdom Come from DC Comics. Ross is also a huge Super Fan, and he has inserted allusions to the Super Friends in his work. As an example, the Gulag prison in Kansas that appeared in Kingdom Come bore a striking resemblance to the Hall of Doom. Also, a new version of Samurai as well as the Wonder Twins and Marvin appeared in the book. Alex Ross also used the Legion of Doom in his maxi-series Justice.


  1. This was featured on the DVD release of Challenge of the SuperFriends.

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