Al Desmond
Mister Element.jpg
Real name: Albert Desmond
AKA: Doctor Alchemy
Mister Element
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: red
Eyes: green
Base: Central City
Affiliations: Rogues
Injustice League
Voiced/Played: N/A

Al Desmond was a man with a split personality who had been known as both Doctor Alchemy and Mister Element, each representing different personalities, which manifested in the form of super villains.



Before it was known that the man who was stealing raw plastic was King Plasto, Al Desmond was likely on the suspect list since his first name was "Al," due to the fact that during an investigation, Robin assumed that his first name was Al, and that the name La Post, was an anagram for "Stop Al," which he took as a challenge to the Super Friends to stop him.[1]

A clue that the villain could have been Al Desmond.[2]

There were no doubt other criminals on the list of villains named "Al" in the Justice League crime file, but probably not as well renowned as Al Desmond, who was probably on the top or near the top of the list, especially considering that he could transmute elements, and it's possible he might have been able to transmute raw plastic into FRERP.[3]

Powers and Abilities

Super powers

  • None.





Super Friends (TV Series)


Al Desmond first appeared in Showcase # 13 (April 1958).[5]


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