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Adult Swim is a late night programming block on Cartoon Network. Toonami is part of this block.

Williams Street Productions programs the block, which is a subsidiary of the Turner Broadcasting System.

Since its' debut in 2001, the block has featured a variety of adult-oriented cartoons, such as Robot Chicken and Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law.

The Super Friends have been featured on Adult Swim, especially in parodies. Harvey Birdman has even had guest appearances by Apache Chief and Black Vulcan.


Not For Air

NOT FOR AIR - Batman & Robin
Not for Air Batman & Robin Classic Cartoon

Aquaman Dance Party

Aquaman dance
Aquaman Dance Party - ADP8 - Car Impound Lot
Aquaman Dance Party - ADP5 - A Cow Ranch
Aquaman Dance Party - ADP4 - Outdoor Cafe
Aquaman Dance Party - Times Square
Aquaman Dance Party 3
Aquaman Dance Party - Little League Game
Aquaman Dance Party - Supermarket
Aquaman Dance Party - EP 1 - Drive-Thru


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