Penguin demonstrating his apparent tobacco addiction.[1]

An addiction was a brain disorder common to some characters that found it difficult to break a certain habit, such as smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol.

Addictions didn't always involve a person's inability to quit using drugs; as other substances or habits other than the use of drugs were common as well, but generally drugs were by far the most hard to quit.

Caffeine for example, even though it was a legal drug, was an ingredient in coffee which was difficult for many people to quit drinking; as when one did it might have caused miserable withdrawal symptoms.

The bad thing about addiction was that stopping was so difficult, that a person was likely to continue with the behavior, which was generally detrimental to their health. Despite the detriment to a person's health, drug abuse was still likely to take place, as the addiction was very difficult to break.


  1. As seen in The Adventures of Batman episode A Bird Out of Hand (1968).

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