Green Lantern
Real name: Abin Sur
Species: Ungaran
Homeworld: Ungara
Hair: None
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: History Professor
Intergalactic Space Patrolman
Base: Oa
Affiliations: Green Lantern Corps
Weaponry: Power Ring
Voiced/Played: Dick Ryal

Abin Sur was the Green Lantern of Sector 2814, one of the greatest members of the Green Lantern Corps until his untimely tragic death. His starship crash-landed on the planet Earth, killing him and causing his ring to seek out a replacement. Hal Jordan was deemed most worthy to become his successor, making the first human Green Lantern.

Background Information

Abin Sur was the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 up until his death. His ship crash lands on Earth. As he lays there, he knows that he is too weak to carry out his work as Intergalactic Space Patrolman. So, with what little energy he has, he tries to seek out a deserving earthling to pass on his battery of power. He touches his ring to the battery of power knowing that it will find an honest and fearless one to take his place. It finds test-pilot, Hal Jordan, who is seated in his flightless jet-trainer. With his dying breath, he introduces himself and explains that he has chosen him to be the Space Patrolman for this sector, to defend against evil and injustice. He goes onto explain what the battery of power is, and that it works against everything, except that which is yellow. He then gives Hal Jordan his power ring and the battery of power (which powers the ring).[1]

Powers and Abilities




  • Indomitable Will: Abin Sur possessed an exceptionally strong sense of will, a required trait for induction into the Green Lantern Corps.
  • Historiography: Abin Sur was an expert on the history of the planet Ungara.
  • Pedagogy: As a professor of history, Abin Sur was able to disseminate information of educational value to large groups of people.




  • Abin Sur's Starship


Episode Appearance


  • Abin Sur first appeared in Showcase, #22 (September/October 1959): "SOS Green Lantern".[2]
  • He was originally a history professor on the planet Ungara.
  • He became a member of the Green Lantern Corps, appointed over Space Sector 2814 in the mid 1860's.
  • He recruited Hal Jordan as a Green Lantern.

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Abin Sur.png Abin Sur Abin Sur was a Green Lantern who, after being mortally wounded in battle with Sinestro, crashed on Earth. Unable to physically pass on his Power Ring, he sent the ring to find a successor
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