AT&T card

Clark Kent holding an AT&T card.[1]

AT&T was a telecommunications company in the United States of America.

Clark Kent had his own AT&T card which he often used in emergency situations.

On one occasion he used it in a phone booth to telephone London before some meeting was over. Lois Lane was worried they wouldn't make it back to the office in time to phone London, and she eagerly hailed a taxicab.

But Clark already had it taken care of in the phone booth thanks to his AT&T card.[2]


AT&T in the real world

This article is written
from the Real World


In the real world, AT&T is the owner of WarnerMedia, which in turn makes them the owner of the Superfriends franchise.

The company purchased Time Warner on June 12, 2018.

As such, the name of the company was changed from Time Warner to WarnerMedia.


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